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  AdvokatOnline er den enkleste og raskeste veien til juridiske kvalitetsdokumenter og vi er sikre på at du blir fornøyd. Hvis ikke, gir vi deg pengene tilbake dersom du innen 14 dager etter bestilling av abonnement sender oss en skriftlig oppsigelse. Ved kjøp av enkeltdokument er det 3 dagers reklamasjonsfrist.

An Introduction to AdvokatOnline's Interactive Document Wizard

AdvokatOnline AS has developed a web-based wizard to generate interactive documents. This technology enables firms to produce quality assured interactive legal documents and at the same time rationalize the production process. Our advanced web-based technology developed in Java and SQL database can run over the Internet or on intranets. This allows users global access to generate interactive "tailor-made" documents and forms based on pre-made templates at any time.

The document wizard allows regular users to create a quality assured legal document in only 5-10 minutes. The technology developed by AdvokatOnline is generic for any kind of document, such as legal documents, contracts or sales letters. Its uses are only limited by the imagination. All of the text used by the system that is to be displayed on the screen and used as the basis for document templates is stored in a database. This makes the technology language independent, and it can be used in any country in the world using the western alphabet.

AdvokatOnline uses this technology to offer a variety of different legal documents for the Norwegian market; for example, contracts, policy regulations for firms, shareholder agreements, different legal contracts for loans, letting out on hire real estate et cetera. Furthermore, we offer packages of documents like legal documents and forms based on a legal action. The user needs to key in the variables only once and all the information is placed in the various documents as needed. Data are correctly filled into the cells in a form and the text of the document is constructed according to the correct and relevant legal paragraphs.

The system is intuitive and user-friendly. Document templates for generating the interactive tailor made documents can be accessed though 1) an alphabetic list of templates, 2) through examples of legal actions, or 3) a search by key words. All templates can be tagged with all relevant key words for easy access through the search engine. When the user selects a relevant document template, he encounters a short text informing him on when the documents are appropriate to use and references to the legal paragraph. We have integrated links to the database of Norwegian laws and the user can access the exact relevant paragraph though a hyperlink. This technique is, of course, generic and can be used to access any other information source on an intranet or Internet.

A click on a button leads the user to the interactive question module where he is prompted for questions to answer. For each question, he is assisted by relevant helping information and access to legal paragraphs. He can fill in information on name, address etc. on legal persons and can choose from lists of alternative answers where radio buttons are used. Depending on what answers the users give to a question, the subsequent questions will change so that the user is only prompted with relevant questions. We have been able to implement this advanced and logical system by generating dynamic web pages. All of the answers to the questions are stored in the database and a document is generated where information is inserted at the right places in the text. Sentences are constructed based upon the answers to the questions. Documents are produced in PDF format to be read in Acrobat Reader or in RTF format to be read by Word or any other text editor according to the user's choice.

With the advanced logic built into this system, combined with the extensive help facilities, regular users will come to regard it as an expert system, helping them to create advanced legal documents. For professional lawyers the system will rationalize the production of documents, saving them valuable time.

The system is built to allow suppliers of documents to let users subscribe to different sets of documents that can be priced differently. It can also be used on an intranet to qualify users for access to only relevant or necessary documents, if that is requested.

AdvokatOnline welcomes any questions and we are looking forward to demonstrating this unique system. Please contact Managing Director Carl Vemmestad for further enquiries.
Telephone:+ 47 22 83 00 90
Telefax:+ 47 94 76 38 27
Address:P.O. Box 2642 Solli, N-0203 Oslo, Norway
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